Join us in Fredericksburg, TX

Texas APCO is excited to announce that our Fall Symposium / Conference will be held in Fredericksburg, TX, October 12th – 15th. 

We hope you will attend and take part in this amazing opportunity to learn and network with your peers, as well as meet the 2016 Board Members and attend the business meeting.

Additional information is under “Upcoming Events” We look forward to seeing you in Fredericksburg!

Notice of Proposed Changes to Texas APCO Bylaws

The Texas APCO Board would like members to review the proposed Bylaw amendments prior to the 2016 Spring Texas APCO Meeting to be held in Galveston, Texas on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. Members will be able to speak for or against the amendments before they are voted on.


Section 5.4

The term limitation for positions of Secretary/Treasurer, Executive Council and Commercial Advisory to the Board will be two consecutive terms only. Should no member be nominated for the open position and no nominations are taken from the floor at the spring conference, the incumbent may run for office again providing they meet specified qualifications.

Section 5.8 Removal

Any Board of Officer may be removed for reasons of malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance of duty, or for committing an act that brings significant discredit to the Association. The President may suspend a board member from the performance of his/her duties, including voting privileges, during the period between that person being impeached and the Board of Officers adjudicating the matter. In the event the President is impeached, then the senior member of the Board of Officers who was not impeached may suspend the President from the performance of his/her duties during the period between the President being impeached and the Board of Officers adjudicating the matter. The post occupied by the suspended Board member shall remain vacant until such time as the matter leading to the suspension has been adjudicated by the Board of Officers or otherwise appropriately resolved.

Section 6.7

The Commercial Advisory Member (CCAM) shall have one vote on the Board of Officers. This vote will be cast by the primary CCAM and in the absence of the primary CCAM the secondary CCAM will place the vote.

Scholarships Available

Have you always wanted to obtain your RPL, or attend a national conference? The Texas APCO board can help!The Texas APCO Board offers scholarships for members. These scholarships can help cover expenses for RPL training, online training, classroom training, or conference expenses. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply, the deadline is March 31, 2016

Click here to apply for a scholarship.