Hurricane Harvey 9-1-1 Relief Fund

On the evening of Friday August 25th, the strongest Hurricane to make landfall in over a decade unleashed its devastation over Port Aransas and Port Connor, TX. In the days following Hurricane Harvey, the Gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana were devastated with high winds and over 50 inches of rain. As the waters rose, Public Safety Employees went to work. Law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and the heroes behind the headset – 911 Telecommunicators – worked day in and day out to serve their communities. Many of those helping would lose their own property and in some cases their own family members. Many of these employees worked for days, unable to return home and unable to communicate with family or knowing whether they had a home left to go back to. As the waters begin to recede, the needs for these families are becoming greater every day. 911 Telecommunicators from the entire Texas coastline need our help. The Denise Amber Lee Foundation, Texas APCO, The Healthy Dispatcher, Texas NENA Team911 and IXII have come together to start this fundraiser to help these unsung Heroes. All donations are appreciated and 100% of all proceeds will be distributed to these families who have lost family or property during this tragic event. With a donation of $20 or more, you may receive a #TEXASSTRONG T-Shirt that has been custom-designed to help with this Fund! Thank you for your support; 911 thanks you!




TX APCO Radio Technologist of the Year


Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

Dan Webb is an outstanding example of a hard worker and team player who will ensure the job is done to satisfaction.  He consistently works hard with the Communications Division staff members to aid and assist them in getting equipment up and running, no matter the time of day.

Dan has created a great working relation not only with the Communications staff but with our vendors and service technicians and they speak highly of his attitude and work ethic.  Dan is always ensuring that the Tarrant County S.O. is utilizing their equipment for maximum return on their investment and he will not allow others to try to hinder our advancement in technology and will fight for things he believes in.

When you are around Dan you can see and feel that he cares about what he does and who he works with.  He is aware of the changing needs of the agency and will always strive to find the best solutions for our needs.  Dan is a huge factor in our continued success at the Tarrant County S.O., and displays a passion for what he does and that passion as never wavered.

Congratulations Daniel Webb and thank you for all that you do.

TX APCO Trainer of the Year


Greater Harris County Emergency Network

Carolyn isn’t just passionate about training, she is passionate about training TCO’s.

Carolyn listens as the TCO’s tell her their agency problems and gives them some of her secrets of always being positive and survival.  She gives them great references to do their research to help them find ways that will help them understand their duties better.  Carolyn is always looking for new classes to keep the TCO’s in her area well educated.  She gives them tools that make their jobs easier.

She is very compassionate when she teaches and she wants to make sure that everyone learns as much as they can.  When you walk by one of her classrooms you will see everyone engaged and having a fun time learning.  Her evaluations are very good and she is commended on her patience, knowledge, and makes learning fun.

Congratulations Carolyn and thank you for all that you do.

TX APCO Team of the Year


Cynthia Pena, Kathy Bowden,

Kym Pitman and Beverly Williams

Euless, TX

Each of the nominees are training officers and are senior public safety dispatchers.  They have a combined total of 43 years in this profession.  They are each leaders in their own right.  Together they are an unstoppable force that can literally make someone who is having the worst day of their life realize that things can be worked out and that there are people who do care and want to help them.

On March 1, 2016, at 1445 hours, the Dispatch Center at the Euless PD was on the edge of experience hell on earth.  What began as a “Shots Fried” call in a neighborhood park lead to the death of a well-loved, much respected officer, and the shock and excruciating heartbreak of a line of duty fatality.

The professionalism and determination of the personnel on duty was beyond compare.  The tasks they performed were immense–notifications, fielding questioning phone call after phone call, recalling all available police officers and then being some of the last to know that our officer was gone.

A year later, we are all still reeling from the devastation.  We perform our duties proficiently, but forever altered.  Always, in the back of our minds, we know what did happen and what could happen, again.  We are forever changed, forever saddened, forever vigilant.

TX APCO Supervisor of the Year


League City Police Deparment

Danielle is a person who truly cares and will do almost anything to show others she has their best interest at heart.  For a supervisor to possess qualities that greatly attributes and creates an environment of success, it is priceless.  She is completely supportive when reaching the overall goals of the department the communications center.  The reliability of this supervisor is unparalleled to others.  The amount of help and support she provides the communication center is essential to the entire organization.

Danielle has strength in creating strong successful harmonious teams is truly worthy of recognition.  Great supervisors are hard to find, but every now and then you will get lucky and find this one person, who shows a great amount of fortitude, positivity and success.

Danielle has many accomplishments, her dedication goes above and beyond, and her never ending hard work plays an integral part in making our center a success.

Congratulations Danielle Grunden and thank you for your service.

TX APCO Telecommunicator of the Year


Dallas Police Department

Rene is a Senior Police Dispatcher and has worked for Dallas PD for 5 years but has a combined total of 20 years of service.  While employed for the City of Dallas he has received 14 commendations for a job well done, professionalism and one letter of appreciation.  Rene’s enthusiasm is contagious and always brings much positivity to the radio room.

On July 7, 2016 a planned protest was scheduled to begin at 7:30pm near the Belo Gardens which is on Rene’s channel.  Nearly 800 protestors had gathered and started to march down Commerce Street and then westbound on Main Street.  At approximately 8:55pm, gun shots rang out near El Centro College.  Unbeknownst to anyone, this would be the beginning of the most horrific, most deadly twenty four hour period in the Dall Police Department history.

As a seasoned profession, Rene remained calm.  He maintained order over the airway as he gathered information from the officers.  Officers in the field were reporting that several officers had been shot.  Chaos began to ensue in downtown Dallas.  Rene stayed focused and carefully kept track of each officer’s exact location in order to direct additional emergency services such as Dallas Fire Rescue.  While hundreds of police officers descended upon downtown Dallas, Rene remained focused and professional in order to keep officers safe.  Rene did not relinquish the radio channel for approximately 4 hours, he refused to allow his relief to take over the channel during this time.  At one point, it was suggested Rene go home but he refused to leave.  His work ethic and dedication would not allow him to leave during the middle of this nightmare.  Once Rene allowed a relief to take over his channel, he was the first to volunteer to man the dispatch console in the Emergency Operations Center when activated.

In the days following, the Department prepared to bury their own, Rene was asked to do the voice over for the “End of Watch” and he was pleased to take on this next task.  He found the strength and honor to fulfill his duties.  Despite the emotional strain this may have caused him, he rose above his own emotions and brought honor to our fallen officers.  Rene’s experience, professionalism, and dedication to perform above expected standards, potentially saved the lives of countless officers.

Congratulations Rene Lozano and thank you for your service.