APCO Membership Benefits:
  • Ability to get involved in state and national committees that are influential in the political arena.  Only members can serve on APCO committees.
  • PSConnect – How can we improve morale in the Center? Can we afford to work 12 hour shifts? Do we have the staff to handle a critical crisis call? What kind of training do I need to handle an active shooter call? How do I handle a troublesome boss or co-worker?  All of these questions and more can be posted in the PSConnect forum – you will have access to over 17,000 members opinions, trials, success stories and much more – but only if you are a member of APCO.

  • Career Center – looking for a leadership job? Moving to another city or state and need to find a job?  APCO has job listings available with links that provide more detailed information on applying.

  • Foster the development and progress of public safety communications by means of training, education and planning.

  • Promote cooperation between towns, cities, counties, states, federal entities, and other 9-1-1 organizations in the area of communications.

  • By joining APCO, you have a voice and it will be heard!  We advocate on your behalf addressing issues that affect the public safety communications industry and keep you informed on the latest issues and their developments.

  • Our membership includes front line Telecommunicators, Trainers, Supervisors, Managers, Directors and commercial vendors.  With over 17,000 members nationwide and beyond, APCO is the place to find any information on any subject at any time!

  • P.S. You also get to hang out with some really cool people!

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