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Jeremy Hill

Captain Jeremy Hill has served in a First Responder capacity since 1999. He is a polarizing and charismatic leader currently serving as Co-Manager of the consolidated 911 center in Amarillo, TX. This 911 communications center is a PSAP serving 5 agencies and processes over 500,000 calls annually. A professional and positive climate and culture in his department are fundamental building blocks to all strategic plans and objectives. Under his direction, staffing has rebounded from a 40% deficit to a 100% fully staffed roster.
Working through the ranks of the Amarillo Fire Department (AFD), Captain Hill performed duties in the communications center as a Dispatcher and Call Taker. During his tenure as Lieutenant he was tasked with overseeing the transition from a Uniformed Dispatch center to a Civilian based center. This unique insight provides an Incident Command viewpoint that is coupled with in-the-trenches experience. This pedigree has proven its worth. His knowledge and career experience have been utilized teaching at the State and International levels. It has also carried over into consulting work and curriculum development.
Currently Jeremy leads the Critical Incident Stress Management team at his 911 center and is coordinating with his 911 District Office to respond as needed at the Regional level. Employee Health and Wellness are core values that Captain Hill champions at all times. From massage chairs, and decompression rooms to therapy birds, he is not afraid to challenge the archaic philosophies of “we’ve always done it that way”.
While serving on the Texas State Board of APCO and upon completion of APCO’s Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Jeremy was compelled to refine and campaign his “One Badge” philosophy. This belief is based upon the premise that all First Responders regardless of agency, rank, job title, etc., should and must operate under a “One Badge” mindset. The public 911 serves has never needed this approach more than they do now. Captain Hill has benchmarked this way of thinking and developed easy to navigate templates for others to do the same.
Captain Hill’s five successive principles encapsulate his career and what he drives others towards. These principles are the catalyst leading organizations from good to great.
• Professionalism
• Trust
• Commitment
• Loyalty
• Legacy